What's Happening Now?

The district meeting was had, and voices were heard!  Coaches from Tam, Redwood, and the now Archie Williams HS were (sort of) allowed to speak, but here's where we are now:


Lots of great things were said about the program: former Drake Coach Otis Guy told it like it was, our past and present riders called in to passionately say how great the program was, and Drake/HS 1327/Archie Williams parents called in to ask the hard questions. Mainly, Why did this happen? Who is responsible? How can we make sure this never happens again?  

We're still working on answering those....


In the end, the TUHSD Staff and its Board of trustees were informed about the HS Mountain Biking program and learned about what it means to the community and how passionate we are about it. Special shout out to Board President Leslie Harlander for making a huge effort to educate the rest of the board on our mountain biking program. 


Looking into the future - The now official Archie Williams, Redwood, and Tamalpais Mountain Bike Teams will continue to work to make sure every student who wants to ride as a HS Mountain Bike Team Member has the team to do it. We will be operating as sponsored school clubs. For students and riders, everything will remain the same.


Thank you all for your support! the fact that the staff reversed its decision was due solely to your letters to the trustees. There would have been no change without you.


Currently, we don't have an official agreement with the district staff to continue, but hopefully, we can enter into a more formal agreement that allows students to not have to worry if their sports team will be canceled on a whim.


More updates to come after the meeting later this week. Thank you all again, we couldn't have done this without you. If you'd like to see what happened at the meeting, here's a recording of the Zoom Webinar: Board Meeting 5/25

If you have questions - Contact the Tamalpais District Representatives!

Leslie Harlander, President

Term expires in Dec. 2024 

Cynthia Roenisch

Term Expires in Dec. 2022

Dan Oppenheim

Term expires in Dec. 2022

Kevin Saavedra

Term Expires in Dec. 2022

Karen Loebbaka, Clerk

Term expires in December 2024

TaraTaupier, Superintendent 

Chief Financial Officer
Corbett Elsen

Remember -

Representative and Deliberative Groups BP 2230

The Governing Board believes that broad input on district operations and policy from staff, parents/guardians, students and members of the public can provide the district with a diversity of viewpoints and expertise, help build a sense of ownership of the schools, enhance district efficiency and assist district communications.


So don't be afraid to speak up! 

Thanks Taz! for your amazing efforts! 


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